Ángel Boti

He began his violin studies at the early age of seven years old in Madrid.
In 2012, he obtains his Bachelor in Music degree with the highest grades in the Aragon Conservatorium of Music (CSMA). Winner of the Hazen Chamber music Competition (2007 and 2008), he has performed as soloist and has been invited as a member of the jury in the ADNA Music Competition of the Royal Conservatoire of Madrid.
He is a member of the “Orquesta en el Tejado” (Ara Malikian), the Comunidad de Madrid Youth Orchestra, the Filarmonía Orchestra and the European Royal Ensemble, among others, having toured in France, Germany and Spain. He has taken part in the opening act for “Rock in Rio Madrid”, in the “Los veranos de la Villa” Festival in Madrid during the years 2011, 2014 and 2015..
He has recently been selected to take part in the Lago Theater International Festival (Chile), in a multidisciplinary performance along with the New York’s Little Orchestra Society and the so acclaimed light expert from Broadway, Clifton Taylor.