Samantha describes the blondewearingblack sound as industrial, edgy house with soulful vocals. “It’s a paradox,” she says. “You’ve got the dark and low sounding music and the vocals are high frequency – that’s my favourite thing. And though most of my songs are very personal and usually something I’m angry about, it all sounds upbeat.” It’s no surprise her favourite band is The Smiths – the very epitome of happy sounding music with the darkest lyrics known to man. Channelling anger and frustration into lyrics now comes easily to Samantha, whether it’s sitting on her balcony in Ibiza’s gypsy quarter of Sa Penya with a glass of wine, sitting in a DJ booth or in a car on the way to a gig.

“My writing is very reactive. It’s like therapy,” she says. “I’ll get messages from people asking me if some tracks are about a guy who broke my heart and actually, it could be about the coalition failing in Britain or about driving DJs! But I always stop myself from correcting them because I think lyrics should always mean whatever a person wants them to be.” Her non-conformist attitude remains and when labels have asked her to censor a track in order for it to be played on BBC1 or Capital UK, she staunchly refuses. When asked if this could be to her detriment, she proudly stands her ground. “The track – Let’s Go – still got played on those stations, with my words in place. That’s just my personality – the minute someone says don’t do that, I am totally going to do it, right now!”

While Samantha is passionate about staying true to her ethos of not performing other people’s lyrics, she recently made an exception and recorded a cover of iconic house track Hideaway by De’Lacy, with none other than Grammy-award winning producer and DJ David Morales. After all, when a producer who has remixed artists such as Madonna, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston asks you to record a cover with him, you say yes. It was a winter sighting of Morales in Samantha’s local late night haunt Paradise Lost that prompted the singer to connect with him through his team at Def Mix in New York (thanks to those valuable driving hook-ups from many years ago) and to her surprise, he asked her to meet up with him the very next day in Ibiza – Christmas Eve – to work on some music.