Epic music... 5 french horns on the left 5 french horns on the right, one kick drum beating at 128bpm, a perfect snare hitting the speakers like an imperial march, boom..! lights out, there it was even one speaker introducing these two amazing guys from ibiza into the main stage “Ladies and gentleman, for the first time playing at their island"... oh yes... the atmosphere was awesome, nothing could be wrong... unfortunately nobody didn’t fucking care what happened in that 50 people pub. You could heard through the public “Does any mum lost their babies?, i’ve found them here, they are playing at the booth”. Beginnings are never easy, as you know. At least, they had pizza for dinner. 
One week later they have achieved their first 10 followers on facebook. A space bound rocket ship straight to the moon bro! Do you think am i joking? Time after they were playing at big clubs in Ibiza sharing stage with the top names and being booked internationally . Now they’ve got some serious shit in the backpack ready to release this summer, and new residencies in the white island.
Now, they’re ready to get higher.